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Welcome to Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 Kanchrapara,    
Principal's photo

S. Shahin

Shri Vivekanand's birthday celebration
Welcome to Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 Kanchrapara

Online Lottery for RTE & SGC Categories for Admission in Class 1 will be conducted on 26-03-2019 between 11.30 to 12.30 P.M

Panel of Contractual Primary Teacher(PRT)2019-20 (01-03-2019)

Panel of Contractual Teacher for 2019-20 (28-02-2019)


Kendriya Vidyalaya No.-2, Kanchrapara situated amidst the sylvan and peaceful surroundings with a beautiful lake as a backdrop follows the norm of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan catering mainly to the educational needs of the wards of the central government employees and Defence personnel from class-I to class-XII (Science,Commerce & Humanities).

The learning process starts with the tiny torts learning the importance of nature and blossoming into confident youngsters with the compassionate teachers who joins hand together with the parents to take the hands of the child whom they love and nurture together.

The teacher is not a strict taskmaster but a friend philosopher and guide who lead a child from ignorance to knowledge. The school stands on the four pillars of dedication, devotion, discipline and diligence taking the child to a new light.

Mission Statement

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2,Kanchrapara aims at enabling the students to become the very best people they can be, capable of effective thinking, acting, relating, and accomplishing in whatever field they enjoy and have a passion for, in an environment that maximises students’ achievements.

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